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Unique Titanium
Everyday Carry, Gear, Lights, Fire, Pens,
Knives, Tools, Survival and so much more!
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Unique Titanium - Product Index
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EDC Tactical 250
$50 Gift Certificate
.315 Oval Split Ring
.394 Oval Split Ring
.433 Oval Split Ring
.472 Oval Split Ring
.740 Brass Splitring
1.100 OD Brass Splitring
10250 USB Charger
11 Function Card Tool
25mm Ti Spring Clip
32mm Ti Spring Clip
35mm Swivel Clip
360* Headlamp Kit
3pc Keychain Tool Set
42mm Ti Spring Clip
4sevens Flat Ti Whistle
5.25 Mini Flat Bar
550 FireCord
58mm Swivel Clip
5th Pocket Ti Hex Tool
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Adventurer Pocket Survival Tin
Al Battery Case
Alcohol Fuel Bottle
All Titanium Whistle
Aluminum Carabiner
Aquamira Water Purifier Tablets
Army Tactical Pen MARPAT Camo
Atom AA
Atom AL
Atom AO
Atom AO Red LED
Aurora Firesteel Firestarter
Aurora 440C Replacement Striker
Aurora Fierstarter-Anodized
AW R17670
AW R18650 Rechargable
AW rcr123 Batteries
Baddest Bee Fire Fuses
Ball Chain Connectors
Ball Cord Lock
BCB Liferaft Fishing Kit
Belt Hook Keychain
Beta-QR Keychain Flashlight
BigTi Straw
Billet Aluminum Shot Glass
Billet Titanium Shot Glass
Black Coated Ball Chain
Blast Match
Blister Medic
Boker Manaro Bullseye Folder
Boker MiniBar
Boker Plus Pocket Stick
Boker Plus Tactical Pen
Boker Plus Titanium Flame Pen
Boker Plus Titanium Pen
Boker Plus Toucan
Boker VAT Ti Tool
Boker Vox C4 Ti Money Clip
Boker Wave MFS Titanium
Bootlace Cuff Key
Bottle Bandit
Brass Ball Chain
Brass Dogtag
Brass Gift Egg
Breakaway Safety Barrel Connector
Brief Safe
Buck Smidgen Small Neck Knife
BUST A CAP for Ultra and HP
Carabiner Cord Binder
Carbon Fiber Bead
Carbon Fiber Bottle Opener
Carbon Fiber Dog Tag
Carbon Fiber DogTag with Skull
Carry All Knife Pouch
Ceramic Folder
Clip Capsule
Coin Cuff Key
Colt Mini Protector
Colt Tactical Pen
Combat Trauma Wrap
Compact Signal Mirror
Copper Ball Chain
Copper Gift Egg
Covert Escape Compass
cr123 2-pak
CR2 battery
Credit Card Folder
CRKT Folding Razel
CRKT Tao Ti Pen
Cylinder Cord Lock
Cylinder Shot Glass
Cytac Dual Bay Lithium Ion Charger
Damascus Arrowhead
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Zip Fire Zip Fire
The Bolt Copper
Speedster Card Holder

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