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Exotac LifeCaps

Exotac LifeCaps

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color of endcaps
Don’t set the bar. Throw it away.

You can’t build innovative and extraordinary products by following the rules.
Exotac locked out the accountants, threw away what they knew about storage capsules and went to work designing a capsule to best every other one out on the market.
The result is a feature list that will leave any gear fanatic panting for air.
*100% Carbon fiber body (2/2 twill)
*Waterproof to depths exceeding 10 meters
*Hard coat anodized to MIL-STD-8625 Type III
*Blunt-start ACME threads for maximum durability
*CNC machined from 6061-T6 aluminum bar stock
*Individually serialized
*Double O-ring seal for superior reliability
*Diameter: 46mm-1.81inch
*Length: 165mm-6.5inch
*Weight: 80g-2.8ounce

Connect it.
With 12 cord or lanyard attachment locations, losing your gear is no longer a good excuse.
The dual lanyard rings allow for PALS compatibility.
The cap has attachment slots and can be corded to the lanyard ring for extra security against unintentionally opening.

This product has been hard coat anodized to MIL-STD- 8625 to prevent salt water corrosion of the aluminum.
Further, the capsule comes equipped with dual O-rings in the event one fails.
We wanted to make sure this thing would survive years of abuse.
We spared no expense in using the highest quality Hysol® structural epoxy to bond the carbon fiber and aluminum components.
We designed the threaded parts to use ACME threads commonly referred to as square threads.
This type of thread is more difficult to damage from dropping or cross threading.

First aid kit, survival kit, valueable items, water sports, critical medication, emergency rations, fire starting equipment, and much more!

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